Reach 1,000 in-person monthly book club attendees.

You Get…

Touch Close to 1,000 Book Club Members In Person
Your book will be showcased, discussed and given away in front of about 1,000 book club members attending in-person book club meetings.

Engage Social Media Followers
Your book will be promoted in our newsletters and to thousands on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

FREE Ad on BookTrib Homepage
We will run a 728 x 90 ad on our website promoting your book.

And More….
Send club hosts your upcoming book release schedules for consideration as their monthly selections; include book club reading guides; more direct communication with readers.

How it works – it’s simple

Each month, BookTrib sends a “Booster Box” with books to the book clubs that meet in person around the country. One of the books in each box could be yours.

You provide 50+ copies of your book (one for each book club) for us to distribute within the Booster Box at each of the 50+ in-person meetings.

Jim Alkon, Editorial Director
[email protected]

CONTACT: Jim Alkon, Editorial Director | BookTrib | [email protected] | 203-226-0199 |

Enhance Your Reach to Book Clubs

  • Dedicated eblast featuring your book only to the hosts of 400 book clubs, representing close to 15,000 members. Include the book cover, book description, purchase link, your availability to speak with the groups. $595 (customized ad development $100 extra)
  • BookBites “Book Club Edition”— brief synopsis of your book (with image and purchase link) — will be included in a special eblast outreach to 400 book club hosts. $150

Meet Some of Our New Members

“We would love this opportunity. We are a growing book club and would love to promote and “bookfluence” for you. The ladies said this was the best holiday gift ever!” Nicole, Peoria, AZ

We love to hear about new titles, and are a very diverse group of women who love to read all genres. We’d love to be one of your book clubs to review books!” —Vesna, Sparta, NJ

“We have 100 of our members on social media and most of them are active. We have four members who have blogs and several others who share daily/weekly on what they are reading.” —Melissa, Kansas City

“We are all on Facebook and would love to help promote some of the books you’re offering!” —Kristen, Paris, Idaho

“We are a fun group of close friends who really enjoy books! I’m a book blogger, so this all seems perfect for us!—Nicole, Bayonne, NJ

“Our members range in age from 18 to 72, so our discussions have a wide variety of thoughts and viewpoints. Everyone would be very excited to take part in BookTrib’s program to explore new books, and I know they would be tickled to death to have a chance to take home a new book gift from the program. As for posting on social media, I know we can accomplish that!” —Shelley, Washington Terrace, UT

“I read approximately 100 books a year. I am always stalking my next read. I would love and appreciate additional resources to provide to members! I will gladly share pictures. I am constantly encouraging members to post reviews.” —Kim, Mayock, NC

We’re an exciting book club that’s really well connected — we would love to be a part of this! We theme our monthly meetings around the book, serving food mentioned in the book, sometimes dressing like the characters or doing fun field trips that go along with the book.” —Angie, Brainerd, MN

“We do semi-annual author luncheons where authors meet with us to discuss their newest release we just finished reading. We also formed a new group Sol Beta Readers to beta read manuscripts for writers and give feedback on characterization, plot, pace, overall story.” —Kari, Wilton, CA

We love all different genres and have great discussions about the books we read.” —Emily, Fayetteville, NC

“We’re a fun group of women who read a variety of genres picked each month by the rotating host who opens her home. Thank you for considering our book club for your Booster Box!” —Jamie, Rockford, MI

Avid readers and reviewers.” —Tina, Georgia

“We are a large group and always have a waiting list of people who want to join us. We have hosted a number of well-known authors.” —Kathy, The Villages, FL

“A diverse group of readers, exploring new and old, bestsellers and off-the-beaten-path books.” —Kristin, Sacramento, CA

“We are a neighborhood book club and the ladies are amazing! Our moderator puts a lot of thought into questions for discussions. We are a diverse group of women ages 30-80. Looking forward to all the reading possibilities! —Debra, Pasadena, CA

“We have a diverse book group located in an urban area and enjoy reading all genres of books!!! Being from an urban area sometimes, book prices don’t enable us to select some books to read. We are excited for this opportunity!!! —Mia, Detroit, MI

“We meet at least once a month, sometimes more, reading a mix of fiction and nonfiction. While our group is quite large, the actual attendees is a subset of that group, and our in-person meetings are normally limited to 15-20 people.” —Debbie, Dayton, OH

“We have been meeting for almost two years and continue to grow every month!” —Bailey, Denton, TX

“A bipartisan book club with women from Capital Hill and government relations community.” —Michelle, Washington, DC

“We love reading books in genres that we normally wouldn’t gravitate toward. We discuss books on a Facebook page that we created. We always share book ideas, and our personal to-read lists keep growing. We are excited to see what else lies out there in reading land to immerse ourselves in.” —Danae, Southwest FL

“We’re a group of women, ages 40 – 60. Some of us work, some stay home, some are retired. We have diverse interests, but all love to read. Our discussions are always lively. Several of us post reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, NetGalley, etc.” —Barbara, Westfield, NJ

“We enjoy a variety of books and pride ourselves on perfect attendance at near every meeting. We attend many author events and book festivals together. Some months we will each read a different book by the same author – focusing on writing approach and style rather than plot. We are always looking for wonderful new books. This would be a great help.” —Annemarie, Westfield, NJ

We are all passionate readers. Many have blogs. All are active in the reader world.” —Jenny, Houston, TX

CONTACT: Jim Alkon, Editorial Director | BookTrib | [email protected] | 203-226-0199 |