Paul Molenberg


Author of the Complete Guide to Mountain Biking

Paul Molenberg lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has had a lifelong commitment to fitness and sport activities, including almost two decades of mountain biking a diverse range of trails throughout the United States and some of Canada. The coastal redwood trails of Northern California, Lake Tahoe’s epic rim trail, the slopes of Maui’s Mt. Haleakala, the downhill and cross-country trails in Park City, Utah, and the black diamond trails of North Carolina’s Pisgah Forest are just a few of the challenges Paul has taken on and conquered. He has now leveraged his experience to create this comprehensive book on the sport of mountain biking.


Let’s Mountain Bike: The Complete Guide to Mountain Biking (2019)

The book that changed your life:

The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer by Jonny Bowden. Upon reading this book and closely following just about all of its advice, I was able to take my health and fitness to a whole new level. I subsequently lost 35 pounds of weight and every measure of my health became the best it could be. It was also interesting and inspiring to read about Don Wildman at the start of the book. Here was a guy who was pushing the limits at age 75. This inspired me to do some pushing of my own. I became a much more avid mountain biker, and began racing in my 40s. I was enjoying the sport so much that I wrote a comprehensive book on the subject. In it, I also explained some facts about eating and nutrition, and how they can affect performance. Although it’s a much abbreviated version, it does fall in line with Jonny Bowden’s teachings.



“Loved this book from start to finish… whether you’re a novice, a proficient rider or even someone who is just thinking of starting out, this book is for you… it’s crammed with useful information, from buying the right bike, maintenance, tips on riding positions and techniques… even covers nutrition, getting your body physically fit and much much more. It’s written clearly by someone with great knowledge and obvious passion… this is a book you could read again and again and keep going back to for reference. I have already found a new confidence in my riding… I would definitely recommend.”

“This book addresses all the ins and outs of mountain biking that even an experienced rider might not be aware of. The author addresses these issues in an easy and thorough way to understand, along with great pictures to reinforce whats read. I often find myself referring back to this book after a ride to if I could have handled a certain situation differently. This book is a must have for anyone who is an enthusiastic mountain biker.”

“I had not mountain biked in a few years and was considering jumping on the trails again when I saw this book. What a find! Let’s Mountain Bike has been expertly written and leaves no detail out. Selecting a bike, navigating trails from beginner to expert, and fitness training in preparation for biking are all covered. In addition, numerous beneficial tidbits gathered from Molenberg’s years of hitting the trails are included. If you are looking to ride for the first time or you have ridden for years, I recommend reading this book. It has motivated me to ride again. See you on the trails!”