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True Crime

DAVID G. THOMAS is an author, historian, filmmaker, producer, actor, screenwriter and travel writer. He is the Associate Producer of the 2019 documentary film The Wonder of the Century, based on the author’s book on Giovanni Maria de Agostini, an Eighteenth Century world traveler. David is also the co-founder of the Pat Garrett Western Heritage Festival and the Friends of Pat Garrett. He won the 2015 Pasajero Del Camino Real Award for Vols. 1 and 2 of the Mesilla Valley History Series “in which the life and times of La Posta and Giovanni Maria de Agostini emerge in rich detail.” He also won the 2017 Pasajero Del Camino Real Award for Screen With A Voice, “A significant, comprehensive account bringing 110 years of theater to life.”

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Killing Pat Garrett, the Wild West’s Most Famous Lawman – Murder or Self-Defense? (2019)

Billy The Kid’s Grave: A History of the Wild West’s Most Famous Death Marker (2017)

Screen With A Voice – A History Of Moving Pictures In Las Cruces, New Mexico (2015)

Giovanni Maria de Agostini, Wonder of the Century: The Astonishing World Traveler Who Was A Hermit (2014)

La Posta: From the Founding of Mesilla, to Corn Exchange Hotel, to Billy the Kid Museum, to Famous Landmark (2013)

Biggest literary influencers:

Frederick Nolan

Currently working on:

Three-act play based on the mysterious disappearance and presumed death of Colonel Albert J. Fountain in 1896.

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“Writing good history requires good research which David Thomas has done. The book is easy to read, well cited and best of all provides additional information and photos of Billy The Kid and the people surrounding him.”

–Andrew J. Winnegar, Amazon customer