Charles Johnston


Charles M. Johnston, MD is a psychiatrist, futurist, and director of the Institute for Creative Development, a Seattle-based think tank and center for advanced leadership training. He has written ten books and numerous articles on the future and how we best prepare to meet it. Dr. Johnston is best known as the originator of Creative Systems Theory, a comprehensive framework for understanding purpose, change, and interrelationship in human systems. Hope and the Future represents the first of a new three book series written for a general audience that draws on over thirty years of work by the Institute addressing essential questions of our time.

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Words to live by:

Live with purpose… incorruptibly.

Advice for aspiring authors:

Write about whatever you think in life is most ultimately important. Nothing else is worthy of your time.

Testimonials of Earlier Books:

For The Creative Imperative:

“This book impresses me very much”

-Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Chemist, author of From Being to Becoming

For Necessary Wisdom:

“A rare gift. For those of us who sincerely struggle in our individual lives. our relationships, our professions, and our work to create a just world, this is essential reading.”

-Alan Guskin, (past) President, Antioch University