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Wrote her first novel in middle school to quiet the characters in her head — either that or let them out to eat the cannolis, but she wasn’t sharing her grandfather’s Italian pastries.

Stacey Wilk wrote her first novel in middle school to quiet the characters in her head. It was that or let them out to eat the cannolis, and she wasn’t sharing her grandfather’s Italian pastries.

Many years later her life took an adventurous turn when she gave birth to two different kinds of characters. She often sits in awe of their abilities to roll their eyes, stay-up all hours of the night and misplace everything. She does share the cannolis with them for fear of having her fingers bitten off.

Because of the extraordinary characters in her home, including a king who surfaces after dark and for coffee, she writes novels in multiple genres about family, home and second chances.

When she’s not creating stories in make-believe places, she can be found hanging with the cast members of her house or teaching others how to make make-believe worlds of their own.

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A Second Chance House (2018)

The Bridge Home (2018)

The Essence of Whiskey and Tea (2019)

Biggest literary influencers:

Stephen King, Virginia Kantra, Agatha Christie, Daphne De Maurier, Charles Dickens, Bob Mayer

Last book read:

What Have You Done by Matthew Farrell

The book that changed your life:

There are too many to list. I could read before I was six years-old. Just being able to pick up a book and escape into that world changed my life and made me want to be an author. But, my favorite book as a child is Charlotte’s Web. I still love that book today.

Your favorite literary character:

Hermione Granger. She’s a smart, young woman and doesn’t apologize for it which makes her a wonderful role model for Rowling’s reading audience. Hermione is independent and a good leader. She’s tough. Harry and Ron would be nowhere without her.

Currently working on:

A new contemporary women’s fiction series set in Montana.

Words to live by:

Live your life by your choices.

Advice to new and aspiring authors:

Learn your craft. Write every day. Never quit. Get critique partners.

Articles / Reviews:

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“I stayed up all night to finish it.”

KM Fawcett, author

“Stacey Wilk pens a rich romance with characters a reader will fall in love with. Her writing is crisp and her ability to create a page-turning story-line is one not to be missed!”

Jen Talty, best-selling and award-winning author