Amy Rivers


Psycho thriller author says, “There’s nothing more fascinating to me than distorted thinking.” Likes to explore people’s motivations, especially when their actions are decidedly outside societal norms.

Amy Rivers was born and raised in southern New Mexico and currently resides in Colorado with her husband and kids. Her graduate work focused on politics, psychology and forensic criminology, topics she loves to incorporate into her writing. Her latest novel, All the Broken People, was released in March 2019.

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All The Broken People (2019)

Best Laid Plans & Other Disasters (2017)

Wallflower Blooming (2016)

Biggest literary influencers:

Lisa Gardner, Isabel Allende, and Nora Ephron

Last book read:

Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier and The Chain by Adrian McKinty

The book that changed your life:

Reading The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende made me see how works of fiction can transcend simple entertainment and delve into deeper discussions on politics, issues of gender and family, and human psychology in a way that makes those topics more palatable and relatable.

Your favorite literary character:

There are so many. At the moment, I think my favorite is Flora Dane, Lisa Gardner’s vigilante heroine who works with (and against) Detective D.D. Warren to fight for women. She is the epitome of a flawed character, but her intentions are good and the interaction between Dane and Warren creates wonderful tension.

Currently working on:

The first book in a series that both explores the relationship dynamics between sisters and the complexities and horror of a small-town human trafficking ring that goes back generations.

Words to live by:

When you take a chance, sometimes good things happen, and sometimes bad things happen. But if you don’t take a chance, nothing happens.

Advice to new and aspiring authors:

Write! You can’t be an author without it.

Articles / Reviews:

Alamogordo News


Kirkus Reviews

Foreword Reviews


“…a powerfully, emotionally-evocative story, simultaneously brutally honest and lovingly hopeful, heart-breaking and life-affirming.”

– Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader

“Rivers (Best Laid Plans & Other Disasters, 2017, etc.) artfully conjures a melancholic atmosphere of dread, and the promise of unraveling a skein of closely guarded secrets keeps readers in a state of tantalizing suspense.”

– Kirkus Reviews

“With a cast of characters, including some local women you do NOT want to mess with, that define Southern Gothic, this story is a dark and disturbing look into small town Southern life, both past and present.”

Rosemary Smith*, librarian and blogger via Edelweiss (*also recc’d as a LibraryReads Submission)

“Rivers weaves a superb tale of the dark secrets buried just beneath small town life, letting them surface in a near perfect choreography of suspense.”

TJ Turner, author of Angel In The Fog