Lukas Konandreas

True Crime
Domestic abuse

Everyone in her small mountain village in Greece tells her to leave her volatile husband, but she insists, “Better dead than divorced.”

Lukas Konandreas M.D. was born in Greece and has been living in the USA for over 45 years. He is running an Urgent Care Medical Center in Stamford Connecticut. He is married to Georgia, a Doctor of Psychology and has two sons. Lukas, was part of this tragic true story and has used personal memories, reports from 8 newspapers, court records, and interviewed over 160 people. He has worked more than 10 years on this book.

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Better Dead than Divorced (2017)

Biggest literary influencers:

Plato, Mark Twain, Puzo, Faulkner

Last book read:

Excellent Daughters by Katherine Zoeph

The book that changed your life:

Plato’s “Republic”.  It was because I was exposed to it early in life and I did and do appreciate the emphasis of the book on justice, democracy and the early on opinions about the status of women.

Currently working on:

Writing another book.

Words to live by:

Optimism, Courage, Hard work, Resilience, Integrity, Rationalism.

Advice to new and aspiring authors:

Do not hesitate to start writing. You need to believe that you can write.  Start the process without delay. Your writing will improve especially if you read good books while you are writing your own.

Articles / Reviews:

“What an emotional memoir!
This story reads like a breathtaking detective that teaches humanity in the darkness of cruelty and suffering. I am so grateful for author’s effort to restore the trials of his aunt Panayota. Brilliant work!
Great read for those who seek some food for soul. I’d give it seven stars.”

– An enthusiastic reader. Review Review


“ Dear Dr. Konandreas,
Thank you for the privilege of reading your book, which I have just finished — in remarkably little time, as it was so compelling…It is not only a gripping suspense story; it is also an insightful psychological and sociological study and an illuminating courtroom drama.”

– Martin Margulies, Quinnipiac University Law Professor.

“It is common knowledge that the illustrious Dr. Lucas Konandreas is well known in our Community as a most distinguished and talented Physician. I was unaware, however, that the good Doctor is also a gifted writer as evident in his recent; publication entitled “Better Dead than Divorced”. It is a true story…………..  a young bride who exemplified the honesty and sincere love and affection for her husband despite his evil intentions. Just by reading this amazing book renews our faith in human nature. Congratulations to Dr. Konandreas and may his brilliant novel reach the confines of Hollywood.”

-Fr. George Poulos Stamford Conn.