New York Times bestselling author and ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee is back with a sequel to the whirlwind of adventures in Chasing Helicity. Readers get to continue following young Helicity in her new thrilling tale, Chasing Helicity: Into the Wind (Disney/Hyperion).

Helicity is much like any typical teenage girl, but she harbors a unique love for weather. This fascination keeps life interesting but lands her in chaotic situations. Last time readers saw Helicity, her life in Michigan was in turmoil. A tornado devastated her hometown and left her family in pieces. To make matters worse, a flash flood struck when Helicity, her mentor Lana and her crush Sam were out chasing a storm. The accident left Lana in a coma, Sam distant and Helicity, true to her name, in a downward spiral.

Now in Zee’s sequel, Helicity travels to coastal Texas to spend time with her best friend Mia. She starts working at Mia’s aunt’s bed and breakfast to take a break from the madness of her hometown.

Helicity’s life is just beginning to feel normal. She is settling into a routine in Texas and even meets a cute boy named Trey. This respite of new normalcy quickly disappears though when her brother Andy arrives, bringing Sam along with him.

The additions of Sam and Andy bring a whole new set of worries for Helicity. Sam, her old crush and fellow lover of weather, experienced the trauma of the flash floods and understands what she is going through. However, Sam wasn’t there to support Helicity when Lana was in the hospital, leaving her to heal by herself.

Andy’s life turned upside down after sustaining a serious injury trying protect Helicity during the tornado. He lost his football scholarship because of the accident and Helicity feels partly responsible. Her concern for her brother heightens when she discovers that he left home without telling their parents.

Texas brings Helicity all-new danger and adventure. While experiencing the relatable highs and lows of young love and friendship, our heroine also faces dangerous situations like break-ins and hurricanes. There is something new around every corner.  While Texas helps Helicity to escape her direct Michigan troubles, her life in this state turns out to be anything but calm.

Sage creative advice is to write what you know. Zee, a successful meteorologist, does just this by mirroring her own love for weather in Helicity. Today, many people have been affected by some sort of extreme weather event and these natural disasters can be life-altering. Teenagers that have gone through a catastrophic natural event will be able to relate to Helicity and be reminded that they are not victims, they are survivors.

Zee also touches upon difficult topics like mental health, as Helicity has PTSD from the tornado and flash floods in the form of panic attacks. These issues are not typical ones you will find in middle-grade books but will particularly resonate with those that have experienced a tragic event. Zee is able to tie wild adventures, typically teenage problems, heartbreak and science all into one incredible story.

Chasing Helicity: Into the Wind is now available for purchase.


Ginger Zee is the Chief Meteorologist for ABC News, forecasting for and reporting on the nation’s weather from Good Morning America to World News Tonight. Zee has been on the ground before, during and after almost every major weather event and dozens of historic storms including Hurricane Katrina. She watched as the eye of Superstorm Sandy passed over Atlantic City and then covered the devastated Jersey Shore; she was there for the Colorado floods and wildfires; and the destructive tornadoes in Moore and El Reno, Oklahoma.

Zee’s dedication to science began at an early age, watching powerful thunderstorms rush across Lake Michigan. Her passion for meteorology brought her to storm chase in college at Valparaiso University where she earned her bachelor of science in meteorology. Throughout her career and especially in this book, Zee is dedicated to getting young people interested in science, respecting the environment and atmosphere around them. Zee is the New York Times bestselling author of a memoir, Natural Disaster: I Cover Them, I Am One and Chasing Helicity, a middle-grade series for kids who are fascinated by science and weather.