Bernard L. Dillard graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in English Literature. He completed graduate study at Emory University and University of Maryland. He is the author of Lemonade: Inspired by Actual Events, which won first place in Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards in the memoir category. He is an associate professor of mathematics in the New York City area. He enjoys running, modeling, and watching indie films. For more on Bernard, please visit his website.


Lemonade (2012)

Two ‘Til Midnight (2019)



Biggest literary influencers:

Frank Peretti and Toni Morrison

Last book read:

What It Means When a Man Falls From the Sky by Lesley Nneka Arimah

The book that changed your life:

This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. I read this book in high school and was in awe of how the author addressed the notion of appearance vs. reality. How the invisible world shape and influence the visible world was well crafted and stunning. It was, in part, the inspiration behind my novel, Two ‘Til Midnight. My attempt at marrying this same nature of “real vs. not real” takes root in Peretti’s stylistic and artistic bent.

Your favorite literary character:

My favorite literary character is David in the Bible. Although a religious piece of work, the Bible sheds tremendous light on a man who has humble beginnings, is rejected, and rises to a place of power. It presents him, however, not as one without flaws and weak humanity. His questionable dealings and mistakes in life do not overshadow his success. He reminds us that we can have human frailties and still rise to meet our destiny.

Currently working on:

Table for One, a novel addressing the goods, the bads, and the uglies of being single.

Words to live by:

Persistence pays.

Advice to new and aspiring authors:

Don’t write for money. Write your passion. Having your own voice among the chorus of other literary talents is empowering and assures that your legacy will remain through the ages.

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“It’s a cosmic battle royale . . . Resonates like a live wire and delivers a stunning conclusion that will leave you pondering its significance long after you’ve turned the last page. Five-plus stars to Two ‘Til Midnight.

Publishers Daily Reviews

“In Two ‘Til Midnight, author Bernard L. Dillard does an amazing job of storytelling while integrating several of today’s hard-to-discuss topics. . . . This book is not for the faint of heart.”

San Francisco Book Review

“Dillard skillfully weaves each character’s part into the plot. . . . [He] has done an exceptional job creating a novel that will be enjoyed . . . This is highly recommended reading.”

Reader Views