Dan Grant

Thrillers  (mystery, suspense, thrillers; science/medical thrillers; women’s suspense; FBI thrillers; illegal human research fiction; puzzle fiction)

Creates a brilliant, tech-savvy madman with an agenda who has concocted a labyrinthine trail of terrorism for an FBI special agent.

In life, Dan has taken the road less traveled. Crossroads have been faced with a mix of apprehension and an explorer’s passion. But the paths people take help make us who we are. “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail,” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

He developed storytelling aspirations as an undergraduate in college at Northern Arizona University, when writing was counter to completing a degree in electrical engineering. Yet, engineering provided the good fortune to work on intriguing medical and military projects, and those behind the scenes experiences allowed him to bookmark “what if” scenarios and ask questions to a variety of deeper storylines.

Dan lives in Colorado with his family and two dogs.

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The Singularity Witness (2018)

Thirteen Across (2019)

Biggest literary influencers:

Steve Berry, James Rollins, Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, James Patterson, Tom Clancy, Tess Gerritsen, John Grisham

Last book read:

Crucible by James Rollins

The book that changed your life:

It’s a four-way tie here: The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry helped me see thriller writing differently; it helped me learn ways to tell a better story; Berry finds intriguing ways to bring history alive; conspiracies abound in his stories.  Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton was fun and fast cover to cover; I couldn’t put it down because of the roller coaster action; Crichton wrote with a style that made learning about science fun; and I love the crisis impacts and repercussions of human greed and the consequences of messing with evolution and creation.  The Firm by John Grisham because the young lawyer recruited into a law firm working for the mob made me want to be a thriller writer.  And Coma by Robin Cook because he charted the course for medical thrillers.

Your favorite literary character:

It’s almost a tie here too, but the slight edge goes to Mark Watney in The Martian. Speared in the abdomen with part of an antenna, left for dead on a hostile planet with limited food supplies, and no way to get home. Watney had to science-the-heck out of his dire situation and fight the odds. Just when things started to go his way another obstacle or tragedy came along.

Words to live by:

A mortal’s days on this world are numbered.  Life is short and time is fleeting.  What will you use your days for?  Dare to make a difference?  Dare to leave the world a better place than you found it?  Dare to change or impact someone else’s life for the better?  Dare to tell great stories?  Dare to care?

Advice to new and aspiring authors:

Dare to tell stories that amaze, enlighten, and entertain.  Strive to be brilliant in your own way because anyone can be average.  Imagination is available for a reason, use it.  See the world differently.

Articles / Reviews:

Pacific Book Review on The Singularity Witness, Star Awarded to Books of Excellent Merit: http://www.pacificbookreview.com/the-singularity-witness/

San Francisco Book Review on The Singularity Witness: https://sanfranciscobookreview.com/product/the-singularity-witness/

Hollywood Book Reviews on The Singularity Witness, Star Awarded to Books of Excellent Merit: http://www.hollywoodbookreviews.com/the-singularity-witness/

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“Dan Grant’s debut thriller, The Singularity Witness, blew me away. It has everything I love in a novel (and so much more): breathless suspense, a rollercoaster of a plot, great characters, and a storyline ripped from tomorrow’s headlines. The science and speculation alone are worth a read, not to mention where the novel takes you. An eye-opening and explosive debut. Don’t miss it!” —James Rollins, #1 New York Times internationally bestselling author of The Demon Crown and Crucible

“Packed with menace and peril this clever thriller is a stylish blend of fact and fiction. An entertaining romp from start to finish that makes you think – is this real? Definitely one for the keeper shelf.” —Steve Berry, #1 New York Times internationally bestselling author of The Jefferson Key and The Lost Order

“Fans of Robin Cook who seek more intrigue and moral and ethical dilemmas in their stories will find The Singularity Witness offers edge-of-your-seat reading: This may become one of those cases where everyone is expendable. Everyone … a hard-hitting story that is vivid, realistic, and frighteningly compelling.” Midwest Book Review on The Singularity Witness

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