Jeffrey Michelson

Erotic Memoir

Norman Mailer described his work as “perversely uplifting.”

Two geniuses shaped Jeffrey Michelson’s life. In 1967, Norman Mailer hired him as houseboy and sparring partner and they became lifelong friends. In 1970, John Lennon chose Jeffrey to create the advertising campaign for his album Imagine. Apple then asked Jeffrey to form an advertising agency to oversee all their media: print ads, billboards, radio spots, posters, buttons, jewelry and t-shirts. His agency also designed the album covers for “Hot Rocks” for The Rolling Stones, “Sometime In New York City” for John & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band, and the soundtrack album for the movie,“El Topo.” Jeffrey has also worked as a journalist, TV commercial director, website designer, TV graphics designer, composer and musician. Since 2012, his company has designed more than 33 books and E-books for more than 20 authors.

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Laura Meets Jeffrey (2012)

Biggest literary influencers:

Norman Mailer, Jerzy Kosinski, Kurt Vonnegut, James Cain, Vance Packard, Henry Miller, Malcolm Braly, Rich Cohen

Last book read:

The Fish That Ate the Whale: The Life and Times of America’s Banana King by Rich Cohen

The book that changed your life:

The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard, which I read when I was 12 years old and knew I was born to be a writer and propagandist.

Your favorite literary character:

Ivan Denisovich, One Day In the Life Of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Currently working on:

Jeffrey Michelson Meets 52 Famous People (John & Yoko, Charles de Gaulle, Bruce Springsteen, John Belushi, Michael O’Donoghue, Timothy Leary, Miles Davis, Norman Mailer, Al Goldstein, Woody Allen, Kurt Vonnegut, Margaux Hemingway, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Todd Rundgren, Steve Van Zandt, Samantha Fox, Seka, Mel Brooks, Mel Torme, George Burns, Jackie Mason, Dan Ackroyd, Jimi Hendrix, Phil Lynott, Norman Podhoretz, George Plimpton, Shirley McClaine, Warren Beatty, John Holmes, Gay Talese, Jose Torres and others)

Words to live by:

“The existential hero exhibits a consecutive set of brave and witty self-creations.”  — Norman Mailer

Advice to new and aspiring authors:

Avoid adverbs. Be spare with adjectives. Let nouns and verbs do the heavy lifting. Get honest feedback from people who know how to make money with words. Edit out loud. Edit until there’s only good stuff and then edit out good stuff. After that, get actual editors to edit your work. Norman Mailer taught me, “The most important thing in a book is mood, and it has to flow like a river.”


“Objective, funny, salacious, and perversely—dare I say it—uplifting!”

Norman Mailer, from his foreword

“Jeffrey Michelson’s reflections on fighting and fucking are like a bolt of bourbon, a careening chronicle of orgies, S&M, hanging and banging with the stars, and related calisthenics.”

James Wolcott, “Vanity Fair”

Laura Meets Jeffrey” chronicles the wildest, most intense sexual scene in New York City’s history. This book is raunchy, dirty and disgusting. I couldn’t put it down.”

Anka Radakovich, “British GQ”

“I LOVE Laura Meets Jeffrey!! It makes me laugh out loud; it makes me horny; it leaves me in awe. It’s a very funny book. Michelson writes about sex in a way that blows my mind, and his writing about Laura is inspired; I absolutely LOVE the point-counterpoint of his voice with hers. He really brings Laura to life and what a fascinating character she is. When I finished Laura Meets Jeffrey, there was a void. I miss being there.”

Elizabeth Mailer

“When I first opened the book in the middle, (which I do often and probably shouldn’t), I thought, this is pure trash, shit. But then, when I began it properly from the beginning, it fell into a lovely whole true piece that grew on me. It’s a very filthy, dirty, well-written book with a lot of heart.”

Edie Vonnegut