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Peter Aronson
Genre: Middle-Grade, Fiction, Non-Fiction

PETER ARONSON is a former journalist and a former lawyer. Now he writes children’s books full-time. He is currently writing two series: The first is his Groundbreaker Series, biographies about extraordinary people doing extraordinary things, for middle-grade readers. The first book in this series, Bronislaw Huberman: From child prodigy to hero, the violinist who saved Jewish musicians from the Holocaust, was published in July 2018. The second book in the series, Jeannette Rankin: America’s First Congresswoman, will be published May 1.

The second series is the Mandalay Hawk Adventures, novels also for middle-grade readers. Mandalay Hawk’s Dilemma: The United States of Anthropocene, is due out in late 2019. The series focuses on three young teenagers as they strive to solve the world’s biggest problems. First up, the biggest problem the world currently faces: global warming. There’s a lot of KRAAP: Kids Revolt Against Adult Power, with a march on Washington unlike any other and rapping in the Oval Office to a captive president. What else are kids going to do when adults mess up?

Visit him at his website: www.peteraronsonbooks.com


Biggest literary influencer:

Robert Bolano taught me through his writing that in books, anything is possible.

Last book read:

The Butterfly Hours, by Patty Dann, a very sweet, touching book about writing and truth and expressing your inner thoughts and emotions through words.

The book that changed your life:

No one book has changed my life. Many books have had an influence, as has a lot of hard work.

Currently working on:

Mandalay Hawk’s Dilemma: The United States of Anthropocene,  available late 2019.

Words to live by:

We cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln

Advice to new and aspiring authors:

Write …. write some more, then rewrite, rewrite, rewrite … and rewrite.



“…[T]his is an exciting, relatively unknown historical account that warrants attention.” – Kirkus Reviews

“It’s a fascinating read, an amazing true story which will hold the attention of middle-grade readers and leave them wanting to know more about the character and the time the book is describing.” -Amazon Review

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