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David Hasley
Genre: Business/Self-Help

David Hasley has been described as a business and banking whiz. His career spans more than 40 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. He was the lead commercial lender and administer for a regional California bank when he penned the first edition of Starting Up. The book was conceptualized as a guide for the many consulting clients he represented on behalf of the bank.

David left banking to become Vice President of Investor Communications for Angeles Corporation, an investment management firm with nearly $4 billion under management. There David oversaw communications to Angeles’ 75,000 investors as well as participating in the formation and management of over 60 investment programs centered in real estate, movie production, and oil and gas exploration. He was also the liaison to subsidiary Quinoco Petroleum and to the FPA family of mutual funds.

David formed Hasley & Hasley in 1990 as a business and real estate consulting firm. The firm has operated two successful businesses, East Hills Racquet and Fitness Club, Inc. which was taken from turn around to profitability in less than two years, and Brick Adventures which provides LEGO based programming to schools based in the North Pittsburgh area. Additionally, David has provided consulting services to many small businesses as well as larger clients like PNC Bank and Westinghouse.



Biggest literary influencer:

Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Kurt Vonnegut

Last book read:

The Life Lessons & Rules For Success

The book that changed your life:

The Bible. It’s the one book I have read daily for my entire life and it has been a welcome inspirational guide to my journey on Earth.

Your favorite literary character:

Doctor Who, if he or she can be described as a literary character. A true superhero and an inspiration to us all.

Currently working on:

Marketing Starting Up because writing and publishing are only half the battle.

Words to live by:

We are all equals; respect one another and our home planet!

Advice to new and aspiring authors:

Write with courage and conviction, live and market in the same manner.


“…a how-to book for budding entrepreneurs…logical, readable… should be a ready reference of long life.” A.A. Milligan, President Emeritus American Banking Association

“Can mean the difference between success and failure for any business-large or small.” John V. Pera, President and CEO of American Restaurants Corporation


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