Bonnie grew up in Brooklyn, long before it was a magnet for hipsters. She’s been writing and editing for three decades — for Parenting magazine, for Sunset books, for big-name catalogs, you name it. But writing fiction is her new favorite endeavor because she gets to make stuff up. The mother of two grown daughters, Bonnie lives in San Rafael with her husband, a dog of uncertain origins, and a turtle. When not working, she gardens, hikes, volunteers, and watches far too many British mysteries on TV.

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The Sleeping Lady (2018)

Biggest literary influencers:

Edna O’Brien

Virginia Woolf

Agatha Christie

Last book read:

Florida by Lauren Groff

The book that changed your life:

Green Mansions by William Henry Hudson. I read this as a child and was completely taken with the idea of humankind’s lost connection with nature. I have never re-read the book, fearing that I wouldn’t find it as good as I remember.

Your favorite literary character:

Hercule Poirot. He’s brilliant, eccentric, and committed to justice.

Currently working on:

A second mystery with Rae Sullivan as the sleuth again.

Words to live by:

Don’t believe everything you think.

Advice to new and aspiring authors:

Keep writing, keep reading, and take your editor’s suggestions to heart.


From San Francisco to Paris, Rae Sullivan’s investigation into a friend’s murder will delight readers and keep them guessing until the very end.

—Wendy Tokunaga, author of Postcards From Tokyo and Love in Translation

Outstanding! The Sleeping Lady is a terrific debut. Rae Sullivan is an engaging heroine. The characters are finely drawn, the dialogue is tight, and the plot is beautifully paced. For those who love the San Francisco Bay Area, this novel shines like the sun breaking through the morning fog on a perfect San Francisco day. We will be hearing more from this talented newcomer. Highly recommended.

–Sheldon Siegel, New York Times best-selling author of Special Circumstances

Bonnie C. Monte’s The Sleeping Lady is a stellar debut in the mystery genre.  Monte has managed to create real, believable characters, especially the heroine, Rae Sullivan, whose business partner and friend has been found murdered.  Monte delivers an exciting ride from the San Francisco Bay area to the French countryside and back with an intriguing plot that keeps the reader guessing to the very end.  A fun, satisfying story with great dialogue and a surprising twist in what one hopes will become a series.  Highly recommend this delightful novel!

Michelle Cox, author of the Henrietta and Inspector Howard mystery series