This week’s AuthorBuzz giveaway features two delicate, sentimental reads that will pull at your heartstrings and send you running for a box of tissues. Read more from the authors on how to win a copy.

Dear Reader,
My great aunt Doris was my best friend growing up. She took care of me and she gave me so much love and attention. When she died, I found her address book hidden in a shelf in her hallway. She had crossed most of her friends’ names out and had written the word “dead” next to them. It broke my heart to realize how lonely she must have felt. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Many years later, I came up with the idea to write a novel about this—and how I wanted to take Doris out one last adventure—and the result is The Red Address Book (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). I’m giving away five copies—write to me at [email protected] to win!

Sofia Lundberg

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Dear Reader,

In Something Worth Saving (Kensington), Lily and 14-year old Charlie are best friends: a boy and his cat. But Lily is puzzled when she sees bruises on Charlie. Who would dare hurt her favorite boy? In her quest to investigate, Lily comes to realize that her family is fractured in more ways than one. But no matter how flawed they may be, Lily never stops fighting to protect those she loves. 

Booklist writes, “Told with empathy and hope.”

Write to [email protected] to win one of five signed books!

Sandi Ward

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