The Simplicity of Cider

Charming and enchanting, The Simplicity of Cider (Gallery Books) by Amy E. Reichert is a must-read for Fall. Set in Door County, Wisconsin on an apple orchard, Reichert’s descriptions of the land, owned by the fascinating Lund family for five generations, is only rivaled by the mouthwatering food served in their kitchen. The combination is a recipe for joy and romance that readers will delight in.

Orchardist Sanna Lund has a way of looking at things differently and stays busy fine-tuning cider she makes from apples that others thought were unusable. She has inherited a gift, too, a magical one, and she hopes her endeavors will save the struggling orchard that she runs with her aging father, even though her brother urges them to sell. Sanna isn’t the kind of woman to give up, and her personality is a refreshing mix of independence and tenderness that will win readers over as she fights for the family orchard.

One of the best things about Sanna in The Simplicity of Cider is how much she likes her life on the orchard. She doesn’t mind being single and her relationship with her dad is one of the more endearing relationships in the novel. Thanks to how he raised her, she is quite capable of doing things on her own, including tinkering with the old orchard truck that seems to have a mind of its own. Sanna loves her life and doesn’t need a man to be happy, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t notice one if he is worthy of her attention. That’s exactly what happens when Isaac Banks comes along. Isaac is a single dad with a secret that he isn’t ready to share. All he wants to do is escape his home where a tragic truth threatens to destroy his little boy’s world, so when Sanna’s father hires him to work on the orchard for the summer, he sees it as an opportunity to protect his son, Bass, from a heart-wrenching secret. All he needs is a little bit of time. Besides, there is no better place to spend the summer with his son. He loves the orchard immediately, and he likes getting to know Sanna and her father, even if Sanna herself seems a little bit apprehensive at first.

When tragedy hits, Sanna’s world turns upside down and she struggles to save the orchard, her family, and her heart. Readers will want to follow Sanna on every step of her poignant and passionate journey that examines family relationships, the true meaning of love, and what happens when we decide to follow our hearts.

A deeply honest and heartwarming story, The Simplicity of Cider is filled with interesting characters and multifaceted relationships that are as complex and colorful as the cider Sanna produces. The Simplicity of Cider is available for purchase.

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The simplicity of cider

Amy E. Reichert is the author of The Coincidence of Coconut Cake and Luck, Love, & Lemon Pie. She earned her MA in Literature from Marquette University and honed her writing and editing skills as a technical writer (which is exactly as exciting as it sounds). As a newly minted member of the local library board, she loves helping readers find new books to love. She’s a life-long Wisconsin resident with (allegedly) a very noticeable accent, a patient husband, and two too-smart-for-their-own-good kids. When time allows, she loves to read, collect more cookbooks than she could possibly use, and test the limits of her DVR. Connect with Amy on her website, Amazon, Goodreads and Instagram.