In “Switch and Bait,” Ricki Schultz Spoofs Modern Online Dating

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If sarcastic wit and sharp insight into modern dating culture are your cup of exotic tea, then meet author Ricki Schultz. Last year’s debut novel, Mr. Right-Swipe, threw readers into the world of online dating and was relatable to anyone who has ever been on a bad date, which excludes one or two ants that crawled through my kitchen last week and likely no one or nothing else.

Fast forward to her latest comic romp, Switch and Bait, out this June from Grand Central Publishing. What has become Schultz’s trademark are irreverent humor and reflections into modern dating.

The main character, Blanche Carter, was known as the “Love Doctor” in her sorority (interpret that as you may), but has now parlayed her talent into a unique consulting business, running the online dating profiles of Washington’s most eligible women. When one of her former flings pops up as a match for a client, Blanche naturally reaches out, but has to be sensitive to not compromising her client and, on a larger scale, her business.

In a prior life, Schultz was a middle school and high school teacher in both the Cleveland and Atlanta areas. “It wasn’t until I became an English teacher that I even thought about writing as a career,” Schultz says.

“Not because I disliked teaching — quite the contrary — but it was more something I thought I’d be good at and something related to my interests of English and drama.

“I always loved writing, and although I majored in English, it wasn’t because I wanted to be a writer — it was because I was good at writing and getting a degree was going to appease my parents (I’d have something to fall back on — you know, in case I didn’t become a soap star),” she adds.

Referred to as a cross between You’ve Got Mail and Hitch, Switch and Bait is worthy of consideration for your summer reading list.

Switch and Bait will be available for purchase on June 12th.


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Although she is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and has spent the most time there, Ricki Schultz has also lived in Georgia and Virginia. (She promises she’s not a drifter, though.) In addition to writing, she has molded the minds of tweens & teens as a middle school and high school teacher in both the CLE and the ATL-and she also spent a year teaching writing and communications at the college level. She’s back in Atlanta now, and she owns the cutest beagle ever (Molly).

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