RICHARD “DEEJ” WEBB is an author, documentary filmmaker and historian. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, he is a multiple award-winning educator who has taught at the high school and university level for more than 25 years. A featured presenter in the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Prohibition documentary Connecticut Goes Dry, Webb is co-creator and co-producer, along with Robert Williams, of Gatsby in Connecticut, an F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald documentary that is a companion piece to Boats Against the Current. Considered a local authority on Westport history, he is a consultant to the local historical society and has given talks throughout Fairfield County about the Fitzgeralds’ time in Westport.

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Boats Against The Current (June 2018)

Biggest literary influencers:
John Updike, Scott Fitzgerald, historians too numerous to mention.

Last book read:
Hoover by Kenneth White

The books that changed your life:
Atlas Shrugged, because it celebrates the individual; The Beautiful and Damned, because I saw my own youth reflected in it; The Great Gatsby, for taking my breath away.

Favorite literary character:
Rabbit Angstrom

Currently working on:
a work of fiction

Words to live by:
“There is no such thing as luck; luck is… when hard work meets opportunity.”

Advice to new and aspiring authors:
Revise, revise, revise