This is where it all began. When I started writing the MacKenzies so many years ago, I fell in love with them not because of the heroes and heroines I created, but because of their love, devotion, and loyalty to each other as a family. But where did that love and devotion start? It started with two brothers—one a lawman and the other an outlaw—and the start of a new legacy that would endure for generations. Please write to to win one of five copies. Visit the book website at:

We were blown away by reader response to NYT Bestselling AMERICA’S FIRST DAUGHTER–thank you! Now we’re back with MY DEAR HAMILTON–the untold story of Eliza, the wronged wife at the center of America’s first sex scandal who went on to leave a little-known but profound social and political legacy of her own.Email with the subject “MDH Giveaway” to win 1 of 5 copies!



Kristin Kirkland’s neighbors wish they’d been better witnesses.
They were the last people to see her, but now that she’s vanished, it’s becoming clear they never really saw the truth at all. Not on that last night, when she joined them for too many drinks around the fire, and not before, either—when her days as a working mom and soon-to-be divorcee didn’t seem so different from theirs.

What begins as a fast-paced romp through a quirky small town leads to deeper questions about friendship, family, and secrets kept behind closed doors—including our own.

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Let me take you away to glittering, glamorous turn-of-the-twentieth-century Vienna.

Aspiring young composer Alma Schindler loses her heart to the great Gustav Mahler. But he demands that she sacrifice her music for him. Torn by her love and in awe of his genius, how will she remain true to herself and her artistic passion? ECSTASY is the story of how one woman’s life defined and defied an era. Win one of five copies by writing me:



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