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It’s not just about the makeup; it’s about making our entire lifestyle easier.

From Wall Street to Westport, CT, Gail Sagel is the epitome of the modern-day woman. As an award-winning makeup artist, published author, entrepreneur, cosmetic developer, brand ambassador, and a single mother, Sagel knows all too well the stresses that come with the go-go-go of an ambitious lifestyle. She’s found great success working in the financial industry for more than a decade, but her lifetime passion finally became her occupation when she realized the world of beauty was her true calling.

face in a case

Sagel’s newest product is the totally convenient, super hip Face in a Case. If you haven’t heard about this new product yet, then you’re missing out! Designed as a chic and portable clutch, Face in a Case takes on the role of a wallet and a makeup case. The best part? It comes in three different styles: sleek black, champagne and wild cheetah — fun, right?! There are also two separate palettes: plum neutrals and nude neutrals, making the product not only convenient, but also customizable, which is exactly what everyone wants these days: to make it their own.

making faces beautifulSagel lives and breathes makeup. So much so that she’s also written her own books to help those looking for some beauty guidance! Her books have even been a significant source of inspiration on her journey to finally creating Face in a Case. She is the author of Making FACES Beautiful and Face It: Five Essential Elements for Living Beautifully – Tips for Beauties over 50, two step-by-step guides that illustrate several different makeup techniques and how to achieve them. No matter what she does, Gail shows women how to create the look that makes them feel the most beautiful.

“Since I was a child splashing watercolors on paper and brushing oils on canvas, I have believed in the power of art and self-expression,” says Sagel. “During my career as an artist, cosmetic designer, manufacturer and retailer, I have put energy into conveying the simplicity of beauty.” Now she helps women—no matter what the age—look and feel beautiful with her easy, time-saving makeup techniques.

face in a case makeup

All of the Face in a Case products are vegan, paraben-free and buildable for a day-to-night look. There’s no more worrying about whether or not your blush might break into 100 pieces on the floor, or if you left your mascara at home. Everything is organized in one small clutch, magnetized into place and secured with a magnetic clasp, making it the easy item to pack. There’s no more mess, no more digging through a seemingly bottomless makeup bag for your favorite lipstick, and no more wasting time when you could—and should—be living your life to the fullest! This is one makeup product you WANT to check out — we promise!


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