AuthorBuzz: Suspense and Intrigue Inspire This Week’s Featured Authors

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Dear Reader, this week’s AuthorBuzz selections are full of suspense and intrigue, just in time to meet your end-of-summer reading goals! Learn about the authors and what inspired these original works. Also, learn how you can enter giveaways and contact both writers. 



Dear Reader,

I adore Nikki and Damien Stark—their passion, their connection, their vulnerability to each other. One of my greatest joys has been writing their after “happily ever after” stories as their relationship grows and changes. Hold Me is especially dear to me because it delves into the challenges this couple faces when work and family collide, and hard choices must be made—the story is so real and true to me, and I hope it rings true to you, too!

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Dear Reader,

My favorite inspiration for a book always starts with a true story. Which is precisely what happened with my new suspense novel, Pretend You’re Safe.  

Living next to the Mississippi River, I’m accustomed to the occasional floods. But when the water receded and a body was discovered in a nearby field, a buzz of horror swept through our area. It made me wonder what would happen if a serial killer’s burial ground was 

disturbed, and how a small town would react to the knowledge that they were living with a monster. 

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