In her first two novels, Come Away With Me and The Choices We Make, Karma Brown takes her readers on a journey through creatively imagined plots outside usual personal experiences, carefully connecting readers to the emotions of the unique plotlines through well drawn characters and brilliant pacing.

In her newest novel, In this Moment (Park Row Books), Karma Brown pulls her readers into the story through the most relatable of contemporary experiences – that of a parent with a floundering grasp on the mechanisms of her seemingly well run life.

“I mentally run through my day to figure out how I can be in two places at once – at my last showing and in the school pickup queue.”

The effect is no less compelling than her earlier novels, and In This Moment is, in fact, startling in its insight and relatably raw emotion.

When Meg Pepper and her teenage daughter, Audrey, witness one of Audrey’s classmates get hit by a car, just after Meg has waved him on to cross the road, the resulting tragedy has consequences no one could have predicted, largely because no one really knows the wounds of Meg’s childhood that she has hidden for far too long.

“The dream is restless, terrifying, and all I want to do is get away from the scene in front of me. But it isn’t the accident I’m dreaming about – at least not today’s accident.”

Through Meg’s relationships with and interactions with her family and community, including her daughter, her husband and the family of the injured boy, a layered story of guilt and moral choices is unraveled, carefully and poignantly. In fact, one of the signature hallmarks of Brown’s style is that the dialogue is so well and comfortably written, we find ourselves answering back to the characters – as we are certain they are indeed talking to us.

A story of loss and choices – of the imprint the past leaves indelibly on the future – and of the simple moments that change everything, In This Moment is a contemporary allegory about the difference between a life well lived and one that only looks that way.

Fans of Karma Brown will love In This Moment, and newcomers to Karma Brown’s novels are sure to become fast fans after reading this one!

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Karma Brown is a National Magazine Award winning journalist. Karma has been published in a variety of publications, including SELF, Redbook, Today’s Parent, Best Health, Canadian Living and Chatelaine. She’s a bestselling author whose debut novel, Come Away with Me, was a Globe & Mail Best 100 Books of 2015. Karma’s sophomore novel, The Choices We Make, also earned her a spot on the Globe & Mail and Toronto Star bestseller lists. Karma lives just outside Toronto, Canada with her husband, daughter, and a labradoodle named Fred.