Suburban young couple, Lucy and Owen are looking to feel energized and happy in their relationship as well as bring back the butterflies, so their exciting but not so well thought-out solution was The Arrangement. An open marriage for six months; Break all the rules; Do what you want, with whomever you want. No discussing anything with each other. They wrote out a handful of rules and agreed to follow them. This could be just what they need, right?

the arrangement sarah dunnThe freedom is refreshing — no trapped feelings; a reason to get dolled up and a feeling of less responsibility. So Owen gets caught up with Izzy, a crazy woman who’s husband cheated on her. She regularly seduces him and then asks him to do annoying chores around her house and although the sex is good, he starts to wish he never agreed to get involved with her or the arrangement. On the other hand, Lucy finds Ben, a nice guy who she schedules a weekly rendezvous with and starts to develop feelings for. Thinking of Ben when she is not with him is nice, positive, and happy…the feeling of falling for someone. Then when she can’t make it to see him one day, she has this burning desire to talk on the phone and realizes this may not just be a sexual fling. With a child in the mix and the lies told to cover up what was agreed to be kept secret, Lucy and Owen’s relationship complications multiply, and here you have an experiment called, The Arrangement!

Sarah Dunn gives us an extremely humorous and well-written tale of a typical young couple in the suburbs trying to reignite the lost passion with an unconventional arrangement… a little sexy, a little daring a little disastrous and a hilarious and accurate depiction of marriage, family and community. So enjoyable and quick – you should not miss it!

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sarah dunnSarah Dunn is an American author and television writer. She is known for her novels The Big Love and Secrets to Happiness, and the ABC sitcom American Housewife, starring Katy Mixon.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Dunn spent several years working service jobs in Philadelphia, PA, the experience of which informed her first book, ‘The Official Slacker Handbook’. Shortly afterward, she moved to Los Angeles, CA, where she wrote for television series including Murphy Brown, Veronica’s Closet, Spin City, and Bunheads. With Spin City co-creator Bill Lawrence, Dunn penned Michael J. Fox‘s final episode of the series.

Dunn is also a novelist whose works include The Big Love (2005), Secrets to Happiness (2009), and The Arrangement (2017). Her books have been translated into 19 different languages.

Dunn is a member of the all-female television writer group “The Ladies Room”, which also includes Vanessa McCarthy, Stephanie Birkitt, and Julie Bean. The group was founded in July 2016. Dunn is married to former New York Observer executive editor Peter Stevenson. They married in 2007.