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the promise girls authorbuzz authorsDear Reader,

What happens when a child prodigy is no longer a child?

Joanie, Meg, and Avery Promise struggled to escape the notoriety and pressure that accompanied the publication of their narcissist mother’s bestselling book. Now, twenty years later, a new documentary will help The Promise Girls redeem their artistic ambitions, reclaim their true selves, and uncover shocking family secrets.

I hope you’ll read The Promise Girls. It’s a story you’ll get swept up in and a perfect book club pick.

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never surrender authorbuzz authorsDear Reader,

I’m thrilled to bring you more of the Bagram crew with this new story about Ace and Ryan. I’ve wanted to write more about this cast of characters for a long time now, and this project with Liliana Hart finally gave me the chance I needed.

I hope you enjoy Never Surrender. Ace is headstrong and Ryan is such a ham, which makes them a joy to write about. And Ace’s grandma… Well, she’s one of a kind, and simply had to have more of her story told.

kaylea cross authorbuzz authorsHappy reading!

Kaylea Cross

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hot witness authorbuzz authorsDear Reader:

I’m thrilled to share HOT WITNESS with you! I watched a lot of Ink Master before coming up with Eva Gray, the tattoo artist on a mission.

And Jake “Harley” Ryan—what can I say? He’s a smokin’ hot black ops warrior—and he’s determined to save Eva from herself when he takes on the job of infiltrating a motorcycle gang for the Hostile Operations Team and the MacKenzies. Sparks are gonna fly!

lynn raye harris authorbuzz authorsI hope you enjoy!

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wicked hot authorbuzz authorsDear Reader,

Mashing up my world with with another author’s characters is a privilege and I am honored to be given this privilege by Liliana Hart with her MacKenzie family. I chose to set my story immediately right at the end of her book, Scorch, because of the intensity of that ending. I wanted my characters to help the MacKenzies. My SEALs would certainly know Shane and of course, Declan would know of my Iceman, Jed. And thus Wicked Hot bloomed in my mind.

I wanted to explore a end-of-the-road story. The MacKenzie Saga was coming to the end and I thought it would be interesting to use that as a theme. A close family starting anew without their matriarch. Lovers needing a change in their lives. A rogue SEAL heading for a dead end and knowing it.

gennita low authorbuzz authorsI hope you enjoy Wicked Hot.

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