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thesuccessintersectionDear Reader,Williams_Pat_touchup

We all want to find fulfillment and success in our work and life, don’t we? I wrote The Success
Intersection to guide you in finding just that—the sweet spot where your talents and passions meet. It’s where you will find your greatest personal accomplishment and satisfaction. And it’s how you can make the greatest impact on the world. I’m giving away five books. Write to me at to win!


Howe-THE-FREEDOM-BROKERDear Reader,KimberelyHowe-20-Edit-1

There are 25 elite kidnap negotiators in the world. Only one is a woman. Thea Paris.

“She’s smart. She’s tough. She’s diabetic. A spectacular start for what promises to be a great Thea Paris series.” KIRKUS, Starred review

Thea deals with the most challenging case of her life when her oil billionaire father is kidnapped. I’m giving away five books. Write to win!

“Razor-sharp and full of you-are-there authenticity—a superb thriller.” #1 NYT Bestseller Lee Child



themotherspromiseDear Reader,

Last year, I read an article about a single mother, diagnosed with terminal cancer, who was searching for a guardian for her eight-year-old son. Her son’s father was not in the picture, her own parents had passed away and she was an only child herself. She didn’t have any friends or colleagues who she felt she could ask. As someone with a huge network of friends and family, I asked myself: sallyhempworthhow does someone become so alone?

In The Mother’s Promise, four women are alone. Alice is that single mother diagnosed with a terminal illness. Zoe, her daughter, suffers from social anxiety disorder, making her feel alone even when she is surrounded by people. Kate, Alice’s nurse, is alone in a decision which could shape her family’s future. Sonja, Alice’s social worker, is alone in her marriage.

Over the course of the book, each woman is forced to face her greatest fear to ensure that one girl is never alone again.

I hope you enjoy it. Please email to request an advance copy.

Sally Hepworth xox




Battlefield-Earth-coverDear Reader,

From New York Times bestselling author, L. Ron Hubbard, Battlefield Earth—a saga of intrigue and author-L.-Ron-Hubbardsuspense, love and war, power and vision. In a matter of minutes, the human race is nearly wiped out by an alien invasion. After 1,000 years of dystopian terror, one man attempts to gather the remnants of humanity to take the planet back against all odds.

This bestseller has captivated readers for more than 30 years. Write me at for a chance to win 1 of 5 copies!

Thank you,

John Goodwin

President Galaxy Press