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A Sci-Fi Throwdown: 10 badass women from classic, award-winning novels

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Who is the most badass of them all? The BookTrib Nerd Squad recently took a break from making the universe safer for nerdkind to reply to an article by Kieran Shea at the Huffington Post where he curated a list of 9 Badass Women from Science Fiction. We think it’s a great list with just one teeny, tiny problem—his supercharged heroines are mostly from movies and TV. Yes, Carrie is from the eponymous Stephen King novel, Katniss Everdeen is from Hunger Games (and on EVERY list for badass women) and Michonne’s Walking Dead character evolved from a graphic novel, but for us it begins and ends with books. So we went one better and present our 10 Most Badass Women…

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