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Doctor Who make appearance web series

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Maybe you’ve noticed that there is an unexpected common thread in literary web series that warms my nerdy heart: Doctor Who. Carmilla’s Laura has a TARDIS mug. Wendy Darling has a TARDIS dress. Friends of BookTrib, Kyle Walters and Shawn deLoache (The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy), are such big fans that they have a weekly review show. No matter the web series, the references are everywhere. Maybe finding them should be a new drinking game! WHAT’S HAPPENING On In Earnest, Jack is waffling about telling Gwen about Cecily, and Algie is scheming to meet her. Cecily resumes her video diary to avoid studying, and we meet Lacey Prism and Drew Chausible. Will Cecily ever meet the mysterious Earnest?…

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