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Where would you and your beer lover like to go?

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Forget pint glasses—your cabinets are stocked with Pilsner Glasses, Weizen Glasses, Tulips, and Steins. Cases of microbrews appear on your doorstep every month. Your long weekends away are determined by the ranking of America’s Best Beer Cities. On Super Bowl Sunday, you will roll your eyes at the Budweiser commercials and instead drink craft beers, or even the latest home brew. If all of this sounds familiar, then you either are a beer lover, or you live with one. If you live with one, you might be wondering about the next frontier for beer connoisseurs (so you can give a thoughtful gift, of course). Patrick Dawson’s forthcoming book, Vintage Beer: A Taster’s Guide to Brews that Improve over Time (Storey…

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