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The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy updates a childhood favorite into modern, adult romcom

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What happens when you turn an iconic children’s story into a modern, adult romcom? You get The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy, a YouTube series as light and sparkling as a glass of champagne. This fun, flirty series takes place in magical Neverland, Ohio, founded by J.M. Barrie and famous for being the first place humans discovered fairies. Peter Pan is a comic book illustrator, John Darling is an aspiring editor of the local newspaper, Wendy is an advice columnist, and Michael is Peter’s pal. Tinkerbell is never seen, but works the camera, her conversation tinkling bells. Rounding out the cast is wealthy entrepreneur Lily Bagha. So, why Peter Pan?  Kyle Walters, co-creator and Peter Pan himself, took time…

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