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“Olicity” Watch Special Edition: Reincarnated Soul Mates and The Flash ‘Ships “Olicity”!

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead! It has become tradition now for a December sweeps Flarrow crossover event, with The Flash and Arrow converging in two back-to-back episodes. Though this first installment was a bit all over the place, I’ll take my “Olicity” anyway I can get it, and Legends of Today more than delivered on that front. So in honor of all the kissing and Barry clearly shipping “Olicity” as much as I do, we’re doing a two-part Watch this week. Here’s our first “Olicity” roundup for The Flash: 2×08: Recap/Review: Team Flash is dealing with a mystical villain named Vandal Savage who’s oddly focused on Cisco’s new girlfriend Kendra. Realizing he needs more help, Barry, Cisco and Kendra travel to Star…

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