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Amy Schumer Continues World Domination with ‘The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo’

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Happy Hump Day, book lovers! Since it’s mid-week, and we’re all most likely looking for a pick me up, I thought it would be fun to chat about one of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry… no, not Lin-Manuel Miranda, although, you can catch me singing Hamilton the Musical probably any and every day of the week—no, we’re here to chat about actress and comedian Amy Schumer (aka my favorite human being on the planet). She launched the book tour for her collection of personal essays yesterday and let’s just say she’s definitely got me booked—I mean, hooked. In the book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo (Gallery Books, August 16, 2016), she delves into some very personal…

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Amy Schumer Flips the Usual Sexual Politics in Trainwreck

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Any romance novel fan is familiar with the trope of the virginal woman and the more experienced man teaching her about sex. Hell, it’s practically standard in bodice rippers, where the man tends to be a recently reformed rake, only changing his womanizing ways for the right (and often pure) woman. And sure, in more contemporary novels the woman is rarely a virgin, but she still often needs to be sexually taught or enlightened by the new love in her life. Think 50 Shades of Grey or even Twilight. Both women are a little more naïve, needing almost constant guidance in the bedroom area. I love romance novels, but even I’m getting sick of the sexual politics that bleed into…

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