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Hanks for the Memories: Bridge of Spies and the Best of Tom Hanks’ Movies

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Bridge of Spies, which opens Friday, has been getting more buzz than a hive full of yellow jackets, and even the film’s trailers are gripping and intense. On top of that, throw in the fact that it’s directed by Steven Spielberg, and we’ll be in line with our popcorn ready by about, oh, Friday morning. But for us, the real draw of this movie might be its leading man, Tom Hanks. The Spencer Tracy of his era, Hanks places amongst the top Hollywood stars of any era. Eminently likeable, tremendously charismatic and one of the most genuinely gifted performers in show business, Hanks has left a trail of Oscar-winning and Oscar-worthy performances in his wake. And even as he approaches 60…

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