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Tiny Little Thing

Beatriz Williams’ Tiny Little Thing looks at a political wife in the Mad Men era

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A woman inserting herself in the epicenter of politics in 1966 was unheard of, and worse, frowned upon. But Beatriz Williams’ Tiny Little Thing (GP Putnam’s Sons, June 23, 2015) turns this notion on its head and brings us a story about what happens when a picture-perfect woman, who has a lot to hide, threatens the political stability of her husband. Christina Hardcastle, also known as “Tiny,” comes from a wealthy and influential family. But while her husband, Frank, aims for a seat on the Senate, the past resurfaces to haunt “Tiny” and secrets she thought were long-buried threaten to come out. Reputations and futures are on the line in this political and suspenseful romance. Author Beatriz Williams is a…

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