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Tibetan Cross

A terrifying international manhunt! A wicked love story!

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See what this week’s authors have to say! In each AuthorBuzz note you’ll receive invitations to join contests, get free books, bookplates or bookmarks, read personal stories, and more. Happy reading!  Dear Reader, You love her and she loves you, but she’s been hired to kill you. Can you trust her? You are innocent but hunted by spy agencies worldwide. She wants to save you, but if she doesn’t kill you she will be killed. Can you save her? A terrifying international manhunt and stunning love story, Tibetan Cross “grips the reader from the very first chapter to the climactic ending.” (UPI) For a chance to win a free copy please email me at Contact at http://mikebondbooks.com/contact-2/ Mike Bond http://www.MikeBondBooks.com Dear Reader,…

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Video: Missed It? Interview with Mike Bond and Tibetan Cross

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An American climber in the Himalayas stumbles on a shipment of backpack nuclear weapons headed into Tibet for use against China. Pursued by spy agencies and other killers across Asia, North Africa, Europe and the United States, he is captured then rescued by a beautiful young woman with whom he forms a deadly liaison. They escape, are captured and escape again, death always at their heels. A terrifying international manhunt and stunning love story, Tibetan Cross is a European bestseller. “Intense and unforgettable.” FORT LAUDERDALE SUN-SENTINEL “Grips the reader from the very first chapter until the climactic ending.” UPI “Almost impossible to put down.” I LOVE A MYSTERY MEET THE AUTHOR Bestselling novelist, war and human rights correspondent and environmental activist, MIKE BOND has lived and…

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