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You Are Now Entering Shondaland: Binge at Your Own Risk

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You know you’ve made it in TV when you’ve got three shows on the air, a stable of talented actors and actresses, and you’re basically a household name. Enter: Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind three of the hottest shows on television. It all started with Grey’s Anatomy, where the world was introduced to Meredith Grey, McDreamy and more juicy backstage drama than anyone could conceivably keep up with. Since then, “Shondaland” has taken over TV, with her strong female characters and compulsively watchable stories. Here are the three Shonda shows you should be bingeing—and one book!—to keep you occupied before the season premieres next week. Scandal Oh, Scandal. You complete me. Even when your storylines are ridiculously over the top,…

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