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Q&A with David Plante, Author of ‘American Stranger’ and ‘Difficult Women’

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Brought up in a secularized Jewish household on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Nancy Green knows little about her parents’ past. She knows they were World War II Jewish refugees who were able to escape Germany with precious family heirlooms that are constant reminders of a lost life and a world about which Nancy knows very little. In David Plante’s novel, American Stranger, (Delphinium Books; January 9, 2018) the main character, Nancy, has a longing for some kind of spiritual connection that first leads her into an encounter with a Hasidic Jewish man who, unable to find meaning in his own religion, has taken vows to become a monk. She then becomes romantically involved with Yvon, a Catholic college student in…

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‘Ex Libris’: Award-Winning Film Takes a Fresh Look at the New York Public Library

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As the world is swept into the digital age, the library, too, is swept along with it. From award-winning filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, his new documentary Ex Libris: The New York Public Library examines how the famous library, and its ninety-two branches, are facing the era of all-things technological. Gone are the days of the obligatory shots of the overcrowded bookshelves, the reading tables in the middle of the room, and the librarians at the front desk observing the patrons with suspicion. While the subject of Ex Libris may be The New York Public Library, there are rarely any books to be seen. Patrons line up at the front desk, but instead of checking out books, they’re handed a tablet streaming device by the…

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