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The Great Food Truck Race

Gourmet food served Curbside: Food trucks have grown up!

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Every once in a while (OK, fine—every weekend) I seek out those drool-inducing caravans of munchie love that we call food trucks. Food trucks are becoming increasingly sophisticated –it’s not just kettle corn or tacos anymore. With these trucks, you’re getting premium eats in your city curbside—and you don’t even have to make a reservation. There’s nothing better than walking up to that welcoming wagon of wafting scents and asking for a paper cone filled with crispy pommes frites, or a falafel sandwich dripping with extra tahini sauce (and I call bonus points if you stumble across a food truck festival with a smorgasbord of culinary delights). With the new generation of food truck, your favorite restaurants and chefs serve…

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