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EXCLUSIVE! Teen Author Anna Caltabiano Talks New Novel and Immortality

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When most of us were 15 years old, we were busy thinking about prom and whether our parents would buy us those new jeans we saw at the mall. But not Anna Caltabiano. No, she was already publishing(!) her first book, All That is Red. Since then the teenage wunderkind has gone full-steam ahead with her sophomore novel, The Seventh Miss Hatfield (EpicReads Impulse, August 11). It’s the first in a fantasy trilogy, with the second book scheduled for release around the holidays. The Seventh Miss Hatfield tells the story of Cynthia, an 11-year-old girl who’s lured into her neighbor’s apartment and finds herself drinking from the Fountain of Youth. Now she’s immortal, and must travel back in time to recover a stolen…

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