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Ant-Man: Do You Know the Huge Origins of this Tiny Hero?

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OK everybody—let’s get small. If you recognize that as an obscure reference to a Steve Martin comedy album recorded nearly 40 years ago—POINTS! But that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about Friday’s release of Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man, the comic-book behemoth’s latest offering and the 12th entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Does Ant-Man arrive with the goofiest concept of any comic-book movie we’ve ever seen? Possibly. An ex-con is recruited to fight bad guys by stealing a suit that gives its wearer the power to shrink down to insect size and communicate with ants. Yeah, that’s pretty weird. But it’s only the latest in a long, long line of literary and cinematic tales with teeny-tiny protagonists. In…

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