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Direct from Lori Foster: Tough Love and News on a Fan Favorite

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Oh, the peril of being the Ultimate guy in line right before Armie. Every series has a fan-favorite secondary character—you know, the guy readers just latch onto in Book One and keep falling for more in every subsequent release until finally, after much anticipation, he stars in a book of his own. In my Ultimate series about a group of mixed martial arts fighters and the women they unexpectedly fall for, the fan-favorite from day one has been bad boy Armie “Quick” Jacobson. Ever since Hard Knocks, my Ultimate e-prequel novella about up-and-coming fighter Gage “Savage” Ringer, was released, I’ve had so many readers demanding Armie’s book. But it was Cannon “The Saint” Colter’s story, No Limits, that was the…

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