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A not-so-simple answer to “What do you do?”

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Ever since I’ve added “author” to my list of titles I’ve struggled a bit with the question, “What do you do?” When non-publishing industry people ask me I usually say, “Oh, I’m a wife, a mother, an office manager for a physician by day and an author by night.” Not too terribly difficult to answer, right? What is hard to answer is the follow up question, the dreaded: “What do you write?” That’s a bit more don’t-step-there-and-you-might-blow-some-unsuspecting-person’s-mind-ish. The truth is very simple and yet more complex than you might think. I write fiction—romantic fiction, including suspense and erotica. I can make that declaration here with no problem. In my mind I’m shouting it at you so you hear me. In…

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