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DATELINE 1906 – The Forward Pass and Football Fatalities

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Brian Meehl is the author of Blowback ’07 (MCP Books, November 1, 2016) and this article is the third in a new series discussing the radical changes in football from the 1905 to 1907.  None of the new rules were as hotly debated as the “newfangled” forward pass. The good ol’ boys on the Rules Committee wailed, “It’ll turn football into roundball!” (aka basketball). “It’ll sissify the game!” So, to cripple the forward pass in its rookie season, they’ve hit it with strict rules and penalties. If the ball is passed over the line of scrimmage within 5 yards of each side of the center, it’s a turnover to the opponents from where the ball was thrown. A ball thrown across…

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