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15 Things We’d Do Differently if We Were Once Show Runners

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Enchanted Sexism. Enough with only women as villains. Remember the Bechdel Test. Forget about making happiness about getting a man. After a three-season redemption arc, why not have Regina finally realize that she has what she really wants—family, community and love. She doesn’t need a man! Switch it up. Instead of having Regina attack the Charming family again (yawn!) have her withdraw because she’s depressed and take her magic with her. You could have the town grow colder and colder—a good reason for Elsa to show up. Who else shares her magic? Two words: Storybrooke High. Before you laugh, consider this: living in Storybrooke are Henry; Grace, the Mad Hatter’s daughter; Pinocchio aka Augus;t and who knows how many other…

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