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WIN: The Talk Show. Using the power of fiction to change hearts and minds

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Jack Winthrop, the main character of Joe Wenke’s new novel The Talk Show (Trans Über, 2014), is an award-winning New York Times reporter—and someone is trying to kill him. Throughout the novel, we watch as Winthrop lives his life amidst the seamy underbelly of New York City. We follow him to the Tit for Tat, the strip joint that serves as his second home. We meet Winthrop’s friends: Father Rita Harvey, the transgender ex-priest and LGBT activist; Donna, the stripper turned entrepreneur; Slo Mo, the Tit for Tat’s massive vegetarian bouncer; and Abraham Lincoln Jones, the outspoken media personality striving for radical change through his controversial “Emancipation Tour” across America. In short, The Talk Show isn’t your father’s hardboiled noir…

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