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Like the Japanese, We Can Learn to Eat Healthy — and Love It

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Japanese cuisine was not always known for sparkling fresh sushi or tasty ramen noodles topped with chashu (juicy braised pork), nori (crispy toasted seaweed) and egg. Before the 20th century, food was often sparse, repetitive and always plain and unseasoned—in times of scarcity rarely more than rice and pickles—and it was the custom at meals to remain completely silent. Eating was not a joyous or ceremonious event. Today, Japan is a foodie’s paradise with the lowest rates of obesity of any industrialized country. The concept of umami, the meatiness found in seaweed, miso and soy sauce, transformed the cuisine in the early 20th century, along with a national campaign to add more protein to the diet of soldiers and school…

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