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Secrets and Lies

Too Many Secrets and Lies! Books that Transport You to Creepy Small-Town America

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On March 1, 2015 ABC introduced us to Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) and his quaint neighborhood. What started off as any other morning in small-town America certainly turned into a rabbit hole of dark twists and turns when the body of a 5-year-old boy, Tom Murphy, appears in the rainy woods. If you are looking for your next show to bingewatch, Secrets & Lies should be in your queue. Each episode takes you inside cookie-cutter homes with more drama than a Real Housewives reunion. I personally watched this show from start to finish in a matter of two days, which concerned my boyfriend considering all of my focus was finding who the cold-blooded killer was. Finally, when I reached the last episode and everything came…

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