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“Olicity” Watch: Searching for Hope and Saving the World — A Season 4 Overview

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Last season, “Olicity” were the only ones who left the team at the finale. This time around, they’re the only ones who stay. Arrow certainly does love its parallels, huh? It’s been a long ride, my friends, and season 4 is finally at an end. Here’s our last Olicity Watch of the season for 4×23, “Schism”: Recap: Darhk is not happy. To put it mildly. And he’s determined to nuclear blast everything to hell, including his daughter. Team Arrow rushes to stop him, with Oliver rallying the people of Star City, and Felicity working her tech magic to stop all those bombs from detonating. There’s a massive hand-to-hand fight, the flashbacks suck even more than usual, Curtis…

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