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Miss Breaking Bad — who you gonna call? Better Call Saul!

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When it comes to legal problems, Jesse Pinkman, one-half of Breaking Bad’s loveable, meth-cooking anti-hero team, had this piece of advice: there are times when you need a criminal attorney. And then, there are times you need a criminal attorney. When that time comes, there’s only one thing to do: Better Call Saul! And now, from AMC comes Better Call Saul, the prequel/sequel series that promises all the quirks and cliffhangers of Breaking Bad, the series that proved to its legion of fans that cancer-stricken, high-school-chemistry-teachers-turned-power-mad-drug lords were people, too. Saul, of course, is Saul Goodman, the shady shyster who became the consigliore of Walter White’s meth empire. Goodman made his first appearance on Breaking Bad’s second season. He was…

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