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What to feed the book club: Past life in Germany inspires the Reuben sandwich

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In The Pieces We KeepĀ (Kensington, 2013), Kristina McMorris tells a modern story with a connection to the past. Twenty-first century widowed single mother Audra must get to the bottom of what’s troubling her young son, Jack. From night terrors to eerie drawings that his schoolteacher doesn’t approve of, the boy’s life seems fraught with turmoil. But when Audra suspects that her son may be having memories from a past life, her suspicions cause even more trouble for her small family. Audra discovers connections between Jack’s memories and the WWII-era relationship of London-based Vivian and her former lover, Isaac. As a German Jew, Isaac is determined that his family be rescued at the outbreak of the war; heĀ abandons Vivian, who flees…

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