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Six Packs and Stepsisters: These 10 New Sports-Themed Romances Score Big

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The other day on a whim I decided to watch the first episode of Fox’s new show, Pitch. And OMG I haven’t stopped watching since. Full of strong women, sizzling chemistry and a romance that I’m already rooting for, Pitch is the sports show we all need in our lives right now. It’s also reminding me of how much I love great sports-themed romances!   Luckily for me (and you too!) athlete heroes are all the rage these days, dominating the New Adult and contemporary romance shelves. From the six-pack abs to the never-ending capacity for sport puns, these sexy stories are almost always a home run. #SorryNotSorry Here are 10 recent sports-themed romances that are most definitely hitting it out of the…

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6 Audiobooks that will be your instant companion

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One of the many great things about books is that they’re there for us when we’re by ourselves. They entertain us, they keep us company, they keep us occupied when we’re all alone. This is one of the great allures of audiobooks. Are you all alone in your car, stuck in traffic or making a painfully long journey? Just press play, and you have an instant companion. Are you on the treadmill and you need something to distract you from the burn in your muscles? Pop on the headphones, and you can be transported to another place and time while the bulge in your hips that you got from that extra helping of ice cream over the weekend melts away.…

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